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32 oz Cali-colada Craft Cocktail Kit

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First and foremost our cocktails are delicious. Your customers will come back for more, and they will sing your praises for stocking them. They are made by mixologists who know how to make an awesome drink. Secondly, we also run a brick & mortar shop so we know what customers want and understand your needs as buyer - quick sell through & repeat customers! If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to reach out. Our large jars make 32oz of cocktails and transform an entire bottle of booze into cocktails for you and all your friends. Makes approx 20 cocktails. Our Cali-Colada is packed with pineapple, California citrus & coconut that make this drink the BEST summer cocktail. We love to fill with light rum and serve by removing the citrus and blend with ice and pineapple juice, you can add coconut cream too, the options are endless! We now put instructions and serving suggestions on the label too! 100% natural, no dyes, no preservatives, no gluten and always vegan.